The mind and body are not separate entities, both harbouring tensions. Every mental knot has a corresponding physical, muscular knot and vice versa.
— Swami Satyanda Saraswati

personalised therapies

Your body remembers everything on a cellular level. The body is literally your biography; the physical manifestation of your life experiences. Some things we want to remember, others we need to release, especially for our overall health and wellbeing. 

Level 2 Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Australia Inc
Level III Psychosomatic Therapist registered with AIBMAPT
Modern and Traditional Cupping Therapist
Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics
Reiki attuned

  •  45 minute Cupping Massage / Yoga and Prana Therapy $60
  • 1.15 hour Full body reading (inc detailed palm reading), Numerology.
    (Cupping, Yoga and Prana Therapy are often included
    if required and time permitting) $120
  • 30 minute Palm Reading $50
  • Palm Reading Workshops 

Cupping Massage is much like an inverse massage – rather than applying direct pressure and compounding already stagnant un-serving energy, cups use gentle pressure to lift, release and create space. Cupping rapidly loosens rigid connective tissue, (which is considered to be the body’s matrix), brings hydration and increases blood flow. Therefore breaking up and draining stagnation in ways not possible using compression. Put simply the cups can do what the hands can’t. Cupping couples beautifully with reiki / pranic healing and yoga therapy simultaneously. 

  • Therapeutic for muscle and fascial pain, scar tissue, stretch marks
  • Softens tight muscles, loosens adhesions promoting speedy recoveries
  • Releases toxins in the body by lifting connective tissue, bringing hydration and increasing blood flow

A Body Reading with Nicole is not a psychic reading, but an intuitive mind body therapy session where numerous modalities are blended depending on the individual’s needs. During the session the entire body is read revealing not only your gifts but any emotional or mental blockages. Understanding oneself, your innate behavior and reactions when out of balance are extremely empowering, and valuable tools for harmonious progression in life. 

Yoga couples beautifully with Psychosomatic Therapy, for thousands of year’s yogis have acknowledged that the body is the reflection of the mind – every physical knot has a corresponding mental or emotional knot and vice versa. The word psychosomatic means mind (psycho) and body (soma), Mind Body Therapy; fundamentally analysis of our emotional anatomy. Psychosomatic therapy is a holistic approach to the prevention and management of disease based on the bilateral relationship between mind and body, which coexist simultaneously and are inseparable.